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Axmann at Trespali Studio.

On Display: September – October

“Creating contemporary art has become the most important means of communication for me to express what it is that I constantly seek: joy, happiness and humor. It is my goal to create work that conveys these emotions by using bright bold colors, intuitive techniques, and vibrant epoxy finishes. I find creating art to be playful, and I think that’s what art should be; not too structures, not perfect, but my own. I hope that the emotions that I seek to express through my creative process, by my whimsical methods, and with my finished product comes across to those that see it as joyful, happy and humorous.”

“Most of my art is created on Masonite board. I use different tools to apply the paint (mostly because I hate cleaning brushes), and I like to include other mixed media. I like paper, twine, wire, wooden shapes… And I almost always coat the piece with epoxy resin. I love the stuff!! Do you know how the color of a rock becomes more intense when wet? That’s what epoxy does, the colors become more intense and interesting.”

“I glue boards to the back to attach hangers, for support, and to give the pieces the appearance of floating on the wall…which I love! They can also be framed in a floating frame for a beautiful finished edge. But the craziest thing I do is cut my art in pieces. Actually, I couldn’t bear to do it, so I have someone else. But I love the finished product. Pieces that can be lined up as the original painting. Or they can be arranged however you like, incorporating your own imagination into the art.”

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