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My artwork is called Book Folding or Book Origami. I was Googling something one day and happened across some pictures of folded books from the UK. A couple of weeks later, I was still thinking about those books so decided to learn a bit more about them. The rest is history.

Book Folding requires very few materials.  Generally, a ruler, a book, perhaps a pair of scissors, a pattern and time are all that are necessary. In my case, a good pair of glasses is also a requirement.

I enjoy folding both text and pictures.  When folding pictures, I usually search the internet for clip art, vectors, drawings, silhouettes or other similar items that either look interesting or fits the specific order. I then decide what book I’d like to use. The book needs to have enough pages to properly display the size of graphic or text selected. The book also needs to stand so hardback books with good spines are a must. The picture or text that I am folding are then entered onto a special software along with information about the height and number of pages of the selected book.  Patterns can be found and purchased online, but I prefer to use the software so each pattern is specifically designed for each book.

There are various ways to fold books. These techniques fall under 2 categories:  1) Folding and 2) Cut and Fold Combination. Cut and fold books take longer and tend to be more intricate. Book origami is an excellent way to upcycle used books no matter which technique is chosen.