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Artist Reception: Saturday, January 18th   5:00 – 7:00 pm

On Display: January 7th – February

Rick Houchin

Rick Houchin is a long-time photojournalist and taught in the art department at Hastings College for five years. His fine art photographs have been included in many Midwestern galleries, most recently in an exhibit with David Lovekin entitled The Presence of Absence in the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, Ne. His recent paintings represent freedom of thought, movement and composition, primarily working in acrylic, ink and watercolor. Using the same principles as abstract photography, his paintings suggest realities in mood and form. This is Houchin’s first showing of paintings.


David Lovekin

David Lovekin is Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Hastings College, Hastings, NE. He has been a practicing and publishing photographer since 1968 whose photographs most recently have appeared on covers of The Prairies Schooner and in a show entitled “The Presence of Absence” at The Great Plains Art Collection in Lincoln, NE with Rick Houchin. Lovekin’s photography is represented at Modern Arts Midtown in Omaha, NE. He is also a painter much influenced by the Japanese Sumi-e tradition in which the elements of language—Kanji—move beyond the dimension of language to the aesthetic. Drops of ink become birds in flight. The abstract and the concrete combine with the use of Japanese brushes and ink. His paintings are being shown, as well, at Modern Arts Midtown, Omaha, NE.