“Community Unfolding in Minden”

“Community Unfolding in Minden” is the culmination of a project that the Minden Opera House commissioned in February from Stephen. With the participation of Minden Public School students, Bethany Home residents, Jensen Memorial Library patrons, community members and beyond, Stephen created this piece as a reminder of how Minden came together during COVID-19.

The art features the Kearney County Courthouse square, which has been lit each winter since 1915. For her 2021 artist residency, Stephen taught workshops at schools, the library, the nursing home, online, and at the Minden Opera House, where participants made tiny origami pieces for snow piles, street bricks and lightbulbs – art contributions that represent the gifts all ages bring to the community. “Community Unfolding in Minden” will be on permanent display at MOH, thanks in part from the support of the Arthur Klinkacek Community Enrichment Fund of the Kearney Area Community Foundation.
© 2021 Linda Stephen
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